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Prevent Carrier Fraud

Advance technology today, proves that Carrier Fraud and Cyber Attacks are now on the rise. Although Smartphones and Smart Devices, make it almost impossible to identify and locate the actual Owner, of a Smartphones or Device; which gives rise to more sophisticated fraudulent occurrences. Cyber Attacks not only steals pertinent personal information; Holding systems hostage is on the rise. With the most recent Corporate Breaches identity fraud has exploded in the industry.

Prevent Carrier Fraud

Preventing fraud

The damage that has occurred by identity theft from Cyber Attacks, is way beyond comprehension. The financial impact, and stolen commodities, has taken a toll on the Transportation Industry; prescreening is key in preventing Carrier Fraud, by Verifying the Location (TracxPro), Carriers Name and Commercial Drivers Report (CDR).

Carrier Fraud

Identity Theft

Stolen Freight

Double brokering

Holding loads hostage

Chameleon Carriers (read more)

TracxPro technology can identify and Locate a Carrier within moments of receiving a Location Text. This is the same technology that is widely used in the Banking Industry, when a Text is sent to their Customers, they can verify their identity and location.


GPS Tracking, requires a Carrier to download an App to activate Tracking, which the App can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere and anytime. This technology only activates tracking, it doesn’t verify, validate or authenticate the location of the Carrier.

Commercial Driver Reports (CDR) show the Names of all the Transportation Companies the Driver has been associated with; helping to preventing Double Brokering and Chameleon Carriers. (See Sample)


FMCSA Safer, only publishes the Carriers Out-of-Service, and they don’t list all of the Transportation Companies the Owner has been associated with. FMCSA does not always update the Carrier's Information immediately, therefore; the most accurate information is not always available.